The Aire Valley Singers were founded by David Bryan, in 1970 and continued to flourish under his leadership and inspired conducting for more than 30 years. David was ably assisted by Doreen Anderson, who later took over as Musical Director, followed more recently by Barbara Bancroft.

Originally about 16 voices, the choir’s numbers have now doubled, but it remains a chamber choir, singing mainly “a cappella” music and occasionally pieces accompanied by organ or a small orchestra. The choir’s repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the present day, and from the serious to lighter arrangements of popular music.

Over the years the choir has performed in various countries, including visits to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Wales and the U.S.A.

Honours they have received include a first prize at the Rencontres Internationales de Chant Choral at Tours in the Loire Valley, and an award for the Best Chamber Choir at the Royal Albert Hall. They were twice runners-up in the BBC’s “Let the Peoples Sing” competition.

Each season the choir adopts a charity and have raised thousands of pounds. They have appeared on radio and television at home and abroad and have produced a number of recordings.

Now directed by Charles Rhodes, the choir continues to provide pleasure for audiences and to maintain the highest standards in choral music.

The choir has a number of talented instrumentalists as well as solo singers, with organ, harp, flute and piano often to be heard at concerts.

There are occasional vacancies in the choir. If you are a singer and would like to join the choir, please contact us using the contacts page. The choir rehearses in Shipley on Monday evenings.

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